Course and Terrain

The event area consists of approximately 250 sq. km of undulating grazing properties with some fringing State Forest areas. The grazing country, which makes up the bulk of the area, is generally lightly forested and very open although the rains of the past summer are likely to mean that the grass will be thicker and taller than usual which may reduce the speed across the terrain somewhat. There are few steep slopes and the hills are generally less than 200 metres high with much of the area gently undulating with much lower hills.

The State Forest areas vary from open forest, through more dense forest to pine plantation with some remnant rainforest areas. The State Forests generally have good track networks.

The topography is intricate spur-gully with many watercourses.

Updates on the terrain will be posted as the course setting progresses.

The rogaine area is embargoed from now until the event (see map). This area is mainly private property, if you think you may need to enter this area and are planning to compete, please contact us.

Here are copies of event maps previously held in the area:

A-Flat Rogaine (1994)

Moon Over Manumbar (2000)

Manumbar Muster (2009) (Base map only – no controls shown)

The maps from the 1994 and 2000 events show the planned route of the winning team because they are copies of the actual map used for the event by a member of that team. In both cases the actual route used differed from the plan.

Grass seeds may be present on the course. While they are not expected to be bad at the time of the event, if you have concerns please read this information on protecting yourself with appropriate clothing.