Course Setting Report #2

A second 2-day visit to the ARC site has seen well over half of the proposed CP sites either taped or abandoned. Things seemed a fair bit drier than the earlier trip, but the grass hadn’t gotten any shorter! In the typical open and lightly forested grazing land I was still able to move along at ~4km/hour pretty comfortably on my one leg albeit the pace slowed a bit in the more heavily vegetated State Forest areas and in the bigger hills.

A bit more rock observed that last time. Not the sort of rock that will slow progress or trash feet, just the sort that makes things pretty and a bit interesting. And the vast majority of the terrain is very open. Competitors who don’t currently own a Spike Light may wish to consider the investment ahead of the event!

Again the base map proved excellent in most things with the GPS waypoints all confirming that I had put the tapes where I thought I had according to the map. The one area where it is way out is on public roads. The tracks through the State Forest seem generally pretty accurate but there are some major gazetted roads on the map that clearly have never existed on the ground. That is pretty easy to sort out but I found it interesting that there was so many of them in the area.

And the wildlife encounters continued. I neglected to mention last time about the feral deer population and I saw one group again this time plus two solitary stags, interestingly one with a rack and one without. The albino deer spotted last time didn’t make an appearance this time round. Hopefully she will be about for the event! I also nearly trod on a hare hiding in the grass on three different occasions. But the wildlife highlight of the two days was disturbing a group of at least a dozen pademelons hiding in the forest fringe adjacent to the grazing lands and subsequently nearly treading on another one many kms from any area of forest.

And the spurs and gullies just go on and on!!!

Richard Robinson

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