June 2018 Update

Entries are continuing to build, and event preparations are going well. Our latest team entry includes Greig Hamilton, current XO World Rogaining Champion and winner of the 2016 WRC (overall), 2015 ARC (XO), 2014 ARC (XO) and 6 (six!) NZ Championships. Other top teams include:
– David Baldwin and Julie Quinn – ACT (ARC 2017 overall winners)
– Gill Fowler and Joel Mackay – NSW (ARC 2016 XO winners)
– Wil Williams and David Symons – WA (ARC 2016 overall winners)
– Tim Farrant and Nick Hann – NZ (2014 NZ Champs winner)
So it will be a tough contest at the pointy end of the field!
Check out the team list here:
… and if you haven’t already done so, get your own entry in here:

Historical Australian/Australasian Championship Results
For those curious to check out the results of individual rogainers at historical ARCs, check out this new search tool on the QRA website: Search ARC Results

Course Setting
The ARC course setter Richard Robinson has recently returned from another trip taping control sites, and has filed this report. Sounds like there will be a bit of wildlife to see out there!

Don’t forget to order your event Merchandise! You don’t even need to be competing to order.

Additional Event Options
A 15 Hour ‘Roving’ event will be run in conjunction with the ARC 24 Hour event, and when you enter a team here you are entering both events. If you decide to stay out on the course for less than 15 hours in total, you will be competitive in the 15 Hour ‘Roving’ event (but note, the 15hr is not recognised as an Australasian Championships event).
As another option for those of you who are new to rogaining, or perhaps want to introduce your kids to rogaining, we will be running a Training Day from 1pm to 5pm on 25 August (at the SunSEQer event start/finish) and a Mini Rogaine from 9am to 12pm on 26 August. See more information and entry links here.

Intervarsity Championships
The 2018 Intervarsity Rogaining Championships will be held in conjunction with the ARC, so if you are a university student (or you know some uni students who would be interested) please check out this page for information. There are travel subsidies available from all states and territories in Australia – please contact your local rogaining Association to find out how to apply. If you are a student at a Queensland university and would like to apply for the sponsorship, please email intervarsity@qldrogaine.asn.au.

Accommodation Options
We are working on arranging some billeting through our local QRA member network – if you are interested in this option (either as a host or a guest) please contact arc2018billeting@qldrogaine.asn.au.
Other info on accommodation is available here: http://www.qldrogaine.asn.au/qraonline/html/wp/accommodation/

Other Information
Information on travel to and from the event and other things to do while you’re in SEQ is available on the event website.

Spread the word!
Please spread the word about this event within your networks. If you are bringing along friends and family who aren’t competing why not encourage them to volunteer to help out? And remember, this event is not just for elites, everyone is welcome to participate.

Thanks for your interest, we look forward to seeing you in SE Qld in August.

Paul Guard
ARC 2018 Event Director

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