Event Merchandise

NOTE: Merchandise orders are now closed.

Custom-designed event Performance Tops and arm/leg warmers are available for purchase via the ChampSys website link below.

The prices for each item are:

Long sleeve performance top:  $70
Short sleeve performance top: $45
Leg warmers:  $70
Arm warmers:  $45
Knee warmers:  $55

A sizing guide is available here.

There are two alternative shirt designs available, and both can be ordered in long- or short-sleeve versions (and in men’s fit or women’s fit). Note that the ChampSys ordering page shows additional singlet designs but these are not available to order. There are also 3D views of the designs available to view on the ChampSys site, but only in the singlet form.

The design on the back of the mainly white shirt has been reproduced with the kind permission of the Russian Rogaining Federation who developed this design for 11WRC2013